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  1. Railroad Safety
  2. Comprehensive Management of Rail Safety Information

Comprehensive Management of Rail Safety Information


  • Title: Comprehensive Management of Rail Safety Information
  • Background and Purpose
    • Comprehensively managing information on rail safety for the effective implementation of rail safety policies and providing the information to citizens and related authorities
    • Contributing to the prevention of rail accidents by providing information such as analysis on rail accidents and safety performance evaluation, disseminating rail safety knowledge such as promotional video on rail safety training, establishing and operating a real-time monitoring system of rail safety stat, collecting and analyzing overseas rail accident information, and providing policy support
  • Establishment of rail safety task process
    • Accident stat analysis system: Information management regarding accident data and investigation results, Stat management per accident type, cause, and period
    • Test and management system for safety management: Tests on the approval of rail safety management system, Change approval test, Regular test, Random test, Record management, etc.
    • Review management system for comprehensive pilot operation results: Phased management of results of comprehensive pilot rail operation
  • Promotion of knowledge dissemination and establishment of analysis system
    • Online portal: Providing diverse rail safety-related information collected, processed, and analyzed by diverse authorities as well as stats and policy materials
  • Linking with related information system
    • Establishment of information linking system: Capable of linking with the “Rail Industry Information Center” of the Korea Rail Network Authority