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About TS

Major Work


TS will open a happy future without traffic accidents. The Korea Transportation Safety Authority will open the doors to a happy future without traffic accidents. It comes up with various traffic safety projects in order to protect the lives and properties of citizens in all areas including land, aviation, and railroad.

Management of traffic safety on the road

  • Management of traffic safety among transportation companies
  • Precise driving aptitude test for drivers of commercial vehicles
  • Qualification test for bus and cargo drivers
  • Survey on the current status of public transportation and evaluation
  • Investigation, research, education and promotion of traffic safety

Management of railroad transportation safety

  • Comprehensive safety audit of railroad
  • Train operator's driving license test and management of train operators
  • Operation of total management system of railroad safety information and others

Management of aviation traffic safety

  • Study and research on the aviation safety and operation of the liberal report system
  • Management of qualification test of aviation workers

Support for families of traffic accident victims

  • Support for victims or families of those who have lost their lives or suffered severe disability from car accidents

Vehicle inspection

  • Regular total inspection and new inspection of vehicles
  • Inspection of structural change in vehicle, inspection of tax meters
  • Reinspection of pressure-resistant containers in CNG vehicles

Vehicle performance test / research

  • New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)
  • Investigation on automobile defect (Recall)
  • Support for environment-friendly, high tech, future vehicle researches and related industries

Traffic information service

  • Real-time public transportation transfer information (TAGO)
  • Operation of the Vehicle Management Information System

Experience-oriented safe driving education

  • Experience-oriented safe driving for commercial drivers
  • Eco-driving education