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About TS

Message from the President

For happy communities
without traffic accidents.

Welcome to the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS)

Citizens' happiness lies at the heart of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority! Greetings! This is Kwon Yong-bok, President of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority.

Although the rate of fatal traffic accidents in South Korea has gradually been decreasing since 2012, it has only reached the average of OECD member countries in 2021. In fact, the number of pedestrian deaths due to traffic accidents is ranked among the lowest of OECD member countries.

A society that does not protect the lives of its citizens cannot guarantee happiness. A society can only guarantee happiness when it puts people first.

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority will continue to strive and focus all its competencies on protecting the lives and safety of citizens from traffic accidents in all areas, including roads, railroads and flights. Moreover, we will endeavor to secure the standard of transportation safety commensurate with its ranking as one of the world’s top 10 economic scale based on high sense of responsibility and professionalism for the safety of citizens.

As such, customized traffic accident prevention activities using cutting-edge ICT will be given top priority, and we will do our best to secure the safety of vehicles through researching automotive vehicle inspection technology for future vehicles, such as electric and hydrogen vehicles, as well as thorough safety evaluation and defect inspection.

Additionally, we will establish and enhance the K-City project for experimenting with autonomous vehicles in preparation for the age of autonomous driving. We are currently preparing and supporting safe technology development as well as system for level 3 autonomous driving vehicles and higher. We will also prepare for future traffic safety by establishing a comprehensive drone safety management system starting with pilot qualification management and aircraft registration to create a safe drone operation environment.

Last but not least, we will grow into a sustainable organization by realizing social values through coexistence of local communities and become an institution that is “with the people,” always listening to the diverse opinions of the public.

Thank you.