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About TS


Road Map of Mid/Long-term
Management Objectives

We pursue an efficiency of national transportation management and
create a Safe Environment to make the World happier

We open the Safe and Sustainable Future Mobility Era

Core Values
  • Safety first
  • Public interest & Synergism
  • Responsibilities
  • Challenge & Innovation
2026 Business Goal
  • Top 10 Traffic Safety
    Country in OECD
  • World-first Commercializing in autonomous vehicle Lv 4
  • Reducing railroad accidents by 50%
  • Completion of the Drone safety management system
  • Top Institution Of Customer Satisfaction
Strategy Objectives
  • Global Leader of Smart Traffic Safety
  • Proactive Response for a Paradigm Shift of Future car
  • Providing Total solutions for Railroad Safety management
  • Leading an innovation of Air Mobility industry
  • Realizing sustainable management for public trust
Strategic Tasks
  • Making Traffic Safety Environment
  • Providing Total Solutions for Safety of the Transpor- tation industry
  • Innovating the DNA based intelligent Traffic Safety Platform
  • Establishing a leading mobility safety system
  • Ensuring a inland logistics safety base
  • Expending The role of vihicle inspection for traffic safety
  • Protecting of consumer rights by strengthening fault & recell
  • Creating coexist ecosystem in automobile industry for win-win cooperation and fair economy
  • Leading innovation of commercializing safe autonomous vehicle
  • Demonstrating and commercializing safety inspection for a future car
  • Establishing the mobility carbon neutrality implemen- tation basis
  • Reinforcement of the response system and prevention of railway accidents
  • Improving public safety awareness and effectiveness of workers’ qualifications
  • Establishing a smart railway safety platform
  • Enhancing R&D expertise in the future railroad
  • Creating an aviation safety environment with public trust
  • Establishing a total drone safety mana- gement system
  • Expanding the foundation for training drone professionals
  • Creating a UAM ecosystem
  • Leading integrity and ethics mana- gement
  • Creating a fair traffic safety job
  • Realizing an organi- zation of public communication and protection
  • Spreading a coexist ecosystem for recorvery and expension of the economy
  • Establishing a safe and convenient smart work system
  • Constructing 2050 eco-friendly Industrial Complex for Carbon Neutrali- zation