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Aviation Safety

Aviation Security Voluntary Report System

Aviation Security Voluntary Report System

The Aviation Security Voluntary Report System aims to collect security risk information regarding any situation, condition, or state that endangers air safety, and it has been operated by TS since 2014 following its designation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport as the official operating organization.

Legal grounds

The Aviation Security Voluntary Report System is introduced in Korea based on Paragraph 2, Article 33 of the 「Aviation Security Act」 as ICAO ANNEX 17 (Security) mandates that “Each member state operate a Confidential Reporting System to complement its national aviation security level control program. The scope of report and procedure for processing the report can be found in Paragraph 2, Article 19 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Aviation Security Act.

Who can file a report?

Any aviation worker such as security screeners, pilots, air mechanics, air traffic controllers (ATC), flight dispatchers, cabin crew, airline workers, maintenance crew, and those regularly working in the airport as well as passengers becoming aware of any actual or potential risk to air security can file a report.


The content of the aviation security voluntary report, if deemed to have a grave effect on air safety based on precise analysis, will be shared with the relevant authorizes, airport operator, and airlines and may be reflected to related policies and security measures as needed.

  • Report filed

    Determine as Urgent, General, or inappropriate

  • Precise analysis

    Check content for severity and truthfulness

  • Notification to authorities

    Notify the relevant authorities if an urgent security risk is identified

  • Considered in related policies

    Considered in related policies and remedy

How to report

  • The aviation security voluntary report may be filed via email, website, mail, fax, landline, or in person.
    • Mailing address : 57, Hyeoksin 6-ro, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 39660, Republic of Korea (Yulgok-dong, Korea Transportation Safety Authority), Attention: Aviation Security Voluntary Report Staff
    • Email :