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Railroad Safety

Rail Worker Qualification Test

Rail Worker Qualification Test

Different qualifications per rail operator and increased focus on rail safety prompted the government to establish unified standards for rail-related licenses and qualifications.


Aims to improve the capacity of rail workers and minimize rail accidents from human error through the organized management of qualifications


Step 1
  • Physical checkup and aptitude test
Step 2
  • Training for those passing Step 1 by designated training institutes Completion of curriculum at educational and training institutes
Step 3
  • Written test (lower limit: 40 points per subject, average of +60 points required)
Step 4
  • Functional and practical skill test (lower limit: 60 points per subject, average of +80 points required)
Step 5
  • Driver’s license and controller certificate

License type

  • Rolling stock driver’s license: Express railroad car, Type 1 and 2 electric car, Diesel car, Rail equipment, Tram
  • Certification of railway traffic controller (single license)

Role of TS

  • Managing and conducting rail worker tests (developing and managing questions, etc.)
  • Issuing and managing licenses/certificates for the final winners of rail worker qualification
  • Managing rail workers (physical/aptitude test, training, management of internship period)