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Road Safety

Traffic Culture Index

Traffic Culture Index

Utilizing the index as grounds for setting up policies for improving the traffic culture and specific basis for the traffic facilities improvement project of each local government


  • To conduct objective research on driving and walking behavior and traffic safety per local government to identify the current status of Korean traffic culture and compare by locality
  • To have the characteristics analysis of traffic culture of the subject local goverment used as grounds for the early settlement of advanced traffic culture

Implementation method

Subject and research items
  • 18 items in driving/walking behavior and traffic safety of all local goverment
Expected results
  • Coming up with measures to improve the traffic culture index per area and item based on the research results
  • Use for setup and implementation of traffic safety policies by the central and local governments
Detailed criteria
Detailed criteria
Research item Evaluation index Method Weight
Driving behavior
(55 points)
Rate of compliance with crosswalk stop line Observational research 8
Rate of using turn signal 7
Rate of compliance with traffic signal 12
Rate of wearing safety belt 11
Rate of wearing of safety helmet by drivers of two-wheeled vehicles 6
Rate of using a smart device while driving Awareness survey 2
Rate of DWI(Driving While Intoxicated) 5
Rate of compliance with speed limit 4
Traffic safety
(25 points)
Traffic safety status
(13 points)
Professional capacity of the local government Literature
Compliance with local traffic safety policies 5
Efforts of the local government to earmark traffic safety budget 2
Safety control level for commercial vehicles by local government 2
Traffic accident occurrence
(12 points)
Number of vehicular accident casualties per population unit and road extension 5
Number of pedestrian casualties per population unit and road extension 4
Number of commercial vehicles and vehicular accident casualty per road accident 3
Walking behavior
(20 points)
Rate of compliance with signals at crosswalk Observational research 10
Rate of using smart device while walking on the crosswalk 5
Rate of jaywalking on the non-crosswalk part of the road Awareness survey 5