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Vehicle&Safety Inspection

Inspection Type and Items

Inspection Introduction

This test aims to protect the life and property of Korean citizens from traffic accidents and environmental pollutions by checking whether the test subject vehicle is sufficiently safe and compliant with the emission limit (roadworthiness).

Type of Inspection

New inspection
  • Inspection conducted when one intends to make a new registration
Regular inspection
  • Inspection regularly conducted at a fixed interval after a new registration
Inspection of tuning
  • Inspection conducted when a motor vehicle has been tuned under Article 34, Motor Vehicle Management Act
Provisional inspection
  • Inspection conducted when needed by this Act or an order issued under this Act or by an application of an owner of a motor vehicle
Repair inspection
  • Inspection conducted at a motor vehicle subject to total loss after repair

Regular Inspection

General Inspection

Regularly conducted following the registration of a new vehicle

  • Items
    • Identification of the vehicle, braking equipment, steering, visibility, lighting equipment and parts of the electrical system, axles-wheels-tires-suspension, chassis and chassis attachment, other equipment, emission and related equipment
Comprehensive Test

Vehicles not registered in the area subject to the comprehensive test are covered by the enhanced criteria of emission test as well as items of regular test

  • Target Area
    • Air Quality Control Area
    • Cities with population of more than 500,000 and designated by the presidential decree as the subject area of a comprehensive test