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Vehicle&Safety Inspection

Railroad/Cable Test

Railroad/Cable Test

Aims to check the safety of transportation facilities utilizing the railroad/track and vehicle on it to move passengers and/or payload, such as monorail, light rail, cable car, or ski lift, while ensuring their operational suitability based on predetermined criteria


To ensure the suitable performance and safety of rail/cable-based transportation facilities in order to protect the life and property of citizens

Test Type

Test Type
Category Description
Safety test Regular test
  • Annual test with validity of one year
  • Initial regular test is required within one year of the date of completion inspection.
  • For facilities identified as failing to meet the safety criteria of enforcement rules based on the safety test
Interim test
  • In case of an accident during operation or upon identifying any concern of an accident, as deemed necessary by the chief of a local government (mayor, governor, etc.)
Design documents test
  • For checking safety by comparing the design documents with the safety criteria prior to commencing full operation of the facilities
Special facilities test
  • For facilities such as those not governed by the Tramway Transportation Act or military facilities