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Vehicle&Safety Inspection

Device Accuracy Test

Device Accuracy Test

Aims to test the accuracy of the devices and instruments used for testing, repairing, or maintaining the vehicle

Test Subject

  • Safety measuring instrument (6 types)
    • Braking tester, Speedometer tester, Side slip measurement instrument, Headlight tester, Odometer for taxi meter, Gas leak detector
  • Environmental measuring instrument (7 types)
    • CO/HC instrument, Excess air ratio instrument, Exhaust instrument, Noise instrument, Emission instrument for dynamometer, Dynamometer, Nitrides instrument for diesel vehicle

Device Accuracy Test Method

Apparatus and Instrument Accuracy Test
  • Purpose
    • To protect the life and property of citizens by ensuring the safety of vehicles and preventing traffic accidents through the maintenance of apparatus and instrument used for testing and repair of automobiles, the most widely used mode of transportation
  • Test Subject
    • Those utilizing apparatus and instrument for testing, repairing, and/or maintaining a vehicle are required to take the following tests:
      • Those who build, assemble, or import such apparatuses and instruments for commercial purposes
      • Those who use such apparatuses and instruments
      • Those who intend to modify the apparatuses and instruments they currently use
  • Type and frequency of tests
    • Initial accuracy test
      • Upon installing newly built apparatuses and instruments or relocating them
    • Structural modification accuracy test
      • Before modifying the apparatuses and instruments they currently use
    • Regular accuracy test
      • Every 12 months following an initial test or a structural modification accuracy test
Environmental meter accuracy test
  • Purpose
    • To measure accurately the pollutants and noise from a vehicle by maintaining the precise accuracy of the meter used to measure vehicle emission and noise in order to identify and remedy any fault, to reduce daily life noise, and prevent air pollution so that citizens can live a pleasant life. TS is also designated as the official test organization by the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) in order to ensure consistency for the environmental meters used in Korea.
  • Test Subject
    • Those who use an apparatus/instrument for measuring or analyzing any environmental pollutant are required to take this accuracy test
  • Frequency
    • Those who use an environmental meter are required to take an initial accuracy test, followed by the second test no more than 30 days before or after the end of the period from the date of the initial test as determined and announced by the president of NIER at a designated test organization.