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Vehicle&Safety Inspection

Pressure Vessel Test

Pressure Vessel Test

Designed to ensure safety by checking the identity of the pressure cylinder installed in a vehicle and installation conditions as well as for any damage and gas leak

Test Type

  • Regular Pressure Cylinder Test: Upon expiry of the period as determined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport decree
  • Irregular Pressure Cylinder Test: Upon damage to the pressure cylinder, its mark, or label, change of high-pressure gas to be filled, accident or fire involving the vehicle, application of the vehicle owner, etc.


Test Procedure
Test Procedure Description
Appointment Appointment Test fee
  • By phone

    Deadline : 46 days before or after the expiry of validity of the regular test date

  • Test site : Official test site in the corresponding jurisdiction

    Other nearby official test sites that are not within the corresponding jurisdiction may be used.

  • Preparation
    • Required document : Vehicle registration certificate
    • Vehicle inspection and cleaning, charging more than 10 Mpa
  • Fee payment : Have the vehicle to be tested placed in the test site and pay the test fee(Credit card or wire transfer)
Identity check Pressure cylinder, valve, vehicle identity number, protective cover on/off, vehicle number, mileage
  • Checking the license plate and vehicle identity number
  • Checking the pressure cylinder and valve number
  • Checking the charging pressure
    • Test with more than 50% of maximum charging pressure (270 bar)
  • Remove protective cover from cylinder
Testing pressure cylinder Check the installation conditions of anchoring device, etc.
Check for damage, corrosion, deformation, and leak
  • Check for disfigurement, scratch, wear of metal, and composite parts as well as damages such as stress cracking and dent
  • Check for corrosion of steel cylinder such as that below the composite (fiber) component
  • Check for deformation such as swelling and birdcaging
  • Check for external damages such as degraded soldered parts
Gas leak and operation conditions Gas leak test for fuel system
Check the installation and operation conditions of the fuel system
  • Check the installation conditions of the fuel system including charging port and pressure controller
    • Check the operation conditions of high-pressure shutoff valve
  • Check the fuel system for gas leak with a leak detector
Results Results are entered online
Test results
  • Pass: Test certificate is issued, and “Pass” sticker is put on the cylinder
  • Failure
    • Repairer: Removes the cylinder for further repair
    • Recycler: Destroys the cylinder
  • A failed vehicle may apply for retest