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Vehicle&Safety Inspection


tuning (structural modification) system

The system is designed to prevent traffic accidents and environmental pollution by inspecting the safety of a tuned vehicle.

Background and Purpose

  • There have been numerous changes in our life thanks to the advancement of industries, pursuit of convenience, and cost-saving efforts. There have also been issues such as traffic accidents and environmental pollution due to weakened safety following structural and/or device-level changes of a vehicle. Thus, this system aims to prevent damages by a tuned vehicle to an unspecified group of people by ensuring the minimum safety of the vehicle.
  • The government can check for any issue with the vehicle on the road or whether it causes pollution prior to its operation so that the life and property of the citizens can be protected, and more drivers are applying for the test every year. The European Union (EU) also allows tuning the components such as brake, noise prevention system, seat, light, tire, and wheel, with Japan allowing the modification of the vehicle depending on its length, width, height, shape, motor type, fuel type, and/or repurposing from commercial to passenger vehicle or when the purpose, maximum capacity of passengers, or payload is met.

Implementation method

  • The tuning system as specified in Article 34 of the Automobile Management Act (Structural and device-level modification) is applied to the currently registered and operated vehicle. The system ensures the safety of the vehicle by having its owner
  • who intends to modify the structure or any device/system allowed for tuning as per Article 55 of the Enforcement Rules of the Automobile Management Act
  • obtain prior approval from the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS), and such modification shall comply with the safety criteria in order to be approved. Moreover, the owner of the vehicle whose tuning has been approved shall have the vehicle tuned by the repair shop or manufacturer suitable for the size and purpose of the vehicle and shall pass the tuning test following the tuning work in order to complete the entire administrative procedure of legal tuning.